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Over the past several years online dating has become highly popular. Many men try this format of dating or meeting in an effort to meet someone special without the risk of face-to-face rejection. The unfortunate thing is, online dating does not work for men as the odds are stacked against them.

The studies reveal that men are more likely then women to use and subscribe to an online dating site and twice as likely to browse, post and respond to a profile. The odds are stacked against men and in favor of girls.

Internet dating may obviously work for guys, it just takes some time and energy. The best way to approach and have more success is by watching Internet dating as a supplement to other methods of meeting girls. Do not just rely on it since you are only way of meeting. You’ll find a lot of websites online that have built-up a database of consumers and provide a service which won’t only help but guide you too.

You want to think outside the box, essentially if you truly wish to meet and date lots of women you will have to use the old-fashioned manner and approach women in person. Do not take this the wrong way, essentially you will need to not just speak to girls using email, chat rooms, Instant Messaging face-to-face is the only way.

As the old saying goes, the more things change the more things stay the same.

When it comes to meeting women, a confident man who can approach a beautiful woman and strike up a conversation with her will always do better than the 99% of guys who can’t. Technology might change a good deal, but it won’t ever change that.