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When Love Really Means Going the Distance!

Posted on June 17, 2022 by Patrick Ulloa

In today's society, the world is becoming smaller. As we leap from one technological breakthrough to the next, we find that within micro-seconds we can move data from one side of the ground to another. We can live on one continent and be employed by a company on another. Air-travel means that lots of men and women are part of a global workforce that commutes around the globe attending meetings in every international outpost of the company.

This diminishing the world is filtering slowly down through the professional world, and into our private lives. No more are we of the mind set that we will one day grow up and marry the boy next door. It happens, but it is just as likely to marry the boy at another State, or next country....or the person who lives on the opposite side of earth. The world wide web is most likely the biggest influencing factor on present day international dating.

Throughout history there have been mail-order brides. From the girls who were shipped to the colonies, to the women who replied small ads from ranchers out west, and more recently, the Russian (and I am sure other nationalities) who put ads of their own searching for a partner outside their homelands. Despite this history, finding a partner through some kind of media has maintained a"desperate" image - like the individual seeking is not able to find someone to get them locally. The world wide web, in spite of its reputation for"adult" sites has somehow managed to eliminate some of the stigma, and there's now a healthy and steadily growing global dating scene.

The big question is always "Can international dating lead to anything permanent"? The solution to this is a resounding YES! Lots of men and women are ready to take a chance on love, and move themselves and their lives to be nearer to their overseas loved one. People who do this find they're suddenly face-to-face on a daily basis using the title they have been studying too for a time period, learning how to co-habit with somebody who's physically a stranger, whilst at the same time learning how to manage living in a new nation. Undoubtedly the worst of this is being removed from family, and taking the place of communication with your spouse on the internet, you now spend time communication with your family online instead!

There are still many individuals who regard international dating as distressed, and deem any connection that comes of this enterprise to be a failure waiting to happen. Ok, so it may happen, but there are never any guarantees in the love and romance game. Even when you shared a sandbox with the spouse you marry, there is no guarantee that the flame wont go out and one day you will wake up and find you've got nothing in common with the man who shares your life, your home, your mattress. In the best of situations, things fail. If the relationship came out of an exercise in online dating, the fallout is messier because then somebody is left in a strange country with little by way of personal support system. Then they face the situation of toughing it out in their new country if the local immigration laws permit, or they can go back to their homeland and face unemployment amidst the"I told you so" looks of friends.

For every naysayer on if global dating can become a permanent loving relationship, there are two individuals who will stand together and say"It may work. We are proof of it!"

Whether you're searching for a long-term relationship, or only a little cultural difference, online dating can provide you the chance to meet up with potential partners who might just be the person you've spent your life searching.