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Among the most often asked questions in the history of dating (with the exception of the caveman who was a firm believer in kidnapping and always took his date to a filthy cave) is where should one go on a date. For starters, there are numerous places you should not even consider going on a first date. They’re listed below in order of”you’ll die alone” rankings.

1) Never go to your parent’s home, particularly if you still live there, on a first date. It says you are beyond desperate.
2) When you promise someone a fantastic time, it doesn’t indicate a luxury chicken box dinner on your out of the way motel. This proves that you are dumb and freaky.
3) A picture as a first date? When exactly are you supposed to get to know the other person, during the 3 previews before the film? This wouldn’t be a great call. If you wish to see a movie, watch it at home now or store it if the two of you have a reached a cozy snuggle level.

Now you know where not to go on a first date, let us talk about a few areas where you may opt to go. Here are 4 great places for a first date.
1) A museum is an superb place for a first date, and they are generally inexpensive. By chance, if neither your nor your date are history or art fans, the display will inspire you to discuss something even if it’s nothing but your dislike of museums. Most museums normally have cafes or are located close to restaurants so dining shouldn’t be an issue either.
2) A casual restaurant or a coffee house is also a comfortable first date atmosphere. Make sure and keep your date’s tastes in mind when choosing a place. There’s nothing more itchy than going for dinner in a seafood restaurant when you are allergic to seafood.
3) A park is the perfect route for a first outing. Walks that become picnics are laid back affairs where two people can feel comfortable out in the open. This is also a wonderful chance to showcase your peanut butter and jelly sandwich making skills.
4) Outdoor concerts also provide another possibility for pleasant dates. Two people can speak in a relaxed setting, and the outside arena lends itself to comfortable unrestrictive clothing, which in itself will take some of their relationship pressure off all you.
One final note. Wherever you go on a first date, always exercise common sense by meeting in people rather than doing anything that makes you uncomfortable. Keep yourself safe so that you may enjoy all that life offers.