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Why is it some people look at dating as a game while other look at it as serious “soul mate searching”? That all depends on what you searching for; a friend, a lover, or are you looking for a true lifetime commitment?

The presence of this game is reasonable. Most individuals don’t want their choice of partner to be the first person who comes along. So people explore different partners in hope of finding a fantastic match. Some will be winners, but some will be winners in this game. Others who’ve played the game finally have a clear idea about what they are searching for in a partner and therefore are more inclined to settle down into a serious relationship. They key is to find somebody who’s at exactly the exact same stage of the game as you are.

There are a few men and women who believe they are prepared to settle down but haven’t yet opened their minds and hearts into a true relationship. These people normally have rules that they think they should stick with when entering the dating world. While their intentions may be good, in their minds they have an image of what their”perfect” soul mate will be. The issue is no one could ever match up to this so-called”perfect mate. So the question is are they in or out of the match? While they might truly feel ready to settle down, in fact they still date continuously searching for the one which measures up to the standard they’ve set.

This brings me into a best selling book called”The Rules”. This book explains how girls should play hard to get if they would like to receive their guy. I know women who really use this book as their guide to get the person of their dreams. They follow the advice on the way to be mysterious and look exciting, just to have it fall apart. So what is the problem?

Well when you think you’re ready for a serious relationship and instead of going to it honestly and openly you portray a character from this”dating guide”, you are not being honest and aren’t being true to yourself. What happens when you fall for this individual and need to become more accessible? What happens when you are tired of playing the part of the exciting date and you will need to get real? Whether this relationship is going to evolve you’ve got to be yourself . Will your prospective mate still be interested once you’re suddenly available to spend each Friday night with these?

The answer is; until you can tag where you’re in the relationship game you need to figure it out yourself. Real folks want real relationships, not dates based on a set of principles and guidelines. Naturally there are still general standards people have when searching for a prospective mate, like, location, moral values etc..

Your journey will require the need to check within yourself, and discovering what type of relationship you are in search of.